Parent Support Recognition: A2ndVoice

Parent Support Recognition: A2ndVoice

The U.K. SAS Centre has been working hand in hand with Venessa Bobb for the last five years, offering online parent support plus workshops, personal coaching and yoga sessions in London. Venessa's dedication to her own autistic son and to the cause of helping other parents has been inspirational for all of us at SAS.

This year we partner with Venessa's A2ndVoice charity and with Mark Brown's Special Help 4 Special Needs to reach even more parents at The Autism Show in London (12 + 13 June - ExCeL London) and with Sparkle Sheffield at The Autism Show in Manchester (26 + 27 June - EventCity Manchester).

Venessa Bobb's A2ndVoice breakthrough work has been recognised by Achieve's National Community Inspiration Award for Disabled Children. Full deserved and well done Venessa !

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