Professional Training

Apply SAS courses in your professional practice.

Simply, with Sound

The science and neuro-acoustic technology underpinning the SAS methodology are advanced and complex, but applying the method with clients is simplicity itself. This makes personalised SAS courses an ideal tool for professionals who are looking for an effective, practical and affordable intervention to apply in their practice.

Effective Solution

SAS Courses can be offered as a stand-alone solution or to complement other services such as Occupational, Speech & Language or Yoga therapy, or other teaching, coaching or therapeutic services.

Easy Application

Home-based courses with coaching support are the most effective and convenient way for Accredited SAS Providers to offer their services to clients. Clients don’t have to travel and can freely choose when to complete the daily listening sessions, which even can be taken during sleep. Accredited SAS Providers can monitor progress through the online SAS Provider Platform and schedule telephone or video coaching sessions at their convenience.

Efficient Management

The SAS Provider Platform includes all the tools required to efficiently manage your clients, from contact details and intake questionnaires, detailed client reports and course design, to progress monitoring and feedback forms. The client can listen using any internet connected device, through a web browser or Android or iOS app.

Becoming an Accredited SAS Provider

For experienced professionals it is easy and quick to start as an Accredited SAS Provider. Completion of the Introduction Training will provide you with all the knowledge, tools and competence to start with your first SAS clients. You will be authorised for one year, have full access to the online SAS Provider Platform and be listed on the SAS websites. After completing at least six client courses, you can apply for the Advanced Follow-on Course to upgrade your Accreditation.


Professional Training is provided at our SAS Centre in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

The Introduction Training includes all training and marketing materials, one account on the online SAS Provider Platform, listing on the SAS websites plus one personalised SAS Course.

To book, or for further details, please contact Nicole Zimbler, SAS U.K. Manager, on 07973 771 402 (U.K. +44), email


SAS Poland offers a two-day Initial Training for new Providers at the SAS Centre in Cieszyn, Poland, on 21 and 22 March 2019. The training will be given by Steven Michaëlis, founder of SAS, together with SAS Poland staff in both English and Polish. For further details, or to book, please contact SAS Polska on 33 852 77 07, or email


Professional Training is available in Turkey - please contact Mrs. Helena Karabulut on 0312 236 65 65 (Turkey +90), email


If you want us to train you in your country, please contact Mrs. Helena Karabulut by email via

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