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Discover how the SAS methodology can help with many different conditions.

SAS courses are designed to strengthen fundamental neuro-sensory functions in the brain, making them ideal to improve a wide range of conditions. The exclusive SAS technology allows us to prepare highly personalised courses that take the client's abilities, needs and wishes into account, leading to better outcomes in a short space of time.

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SAS-Smart | Learn better and achieve more.

Courses for school children from the age of 5 upwards and for students and adults that wish to enhance their study results. Most personalised SAS-Smart courses require listening for one hour each day for 20 to 24 days over a four week period. SAS-Smart courses include orchestral or piano music and speech tracks in a structured sequence to achieve rapid results.

  • Attention & Concentration | ADHD: Reducing distractibility, strengthening focus and managing hyperactivity.
  • Reading & Writing | Dyslexia: Developing more accurate and faster left-hemisphere language processing.
  • Understanding & Memory: Strengthening inter-hemispheric synchronisation and promoting sensory integration.
  • Behaviour & Motivation: Reducing stress & anxiety, improving time management, planning and responsibility.

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SAS-Boost | Boost development and ability.

The highly personalised SAS-Boost courses help children aged 3 and upwards with neurological conditions such as Asperger's Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and Down's Syndrome. Initial courses normally run for 24 to 28 days and often are followed-up with additional interventions tailored to the needs of the child. In addition to music and speech the programmes may also include frequency, word and time training elements. Optionally own voice programmes can be prepared to encourage speech development.

  • Sensory Processing: Improving sensory separation and filtering abilities and reducing sensory overload.
  • Repetitive Behaviour: Reducing stress and anxiety and thus the need for coping behaviours.
  • Speech & Language: Activating the language and speech centres in the left-hemisphere.
  • Social Skills: Strengthening facial recognition and awareness of others.

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SAS-Balance | Start to enjoy life again.

Tailored courses for adults to reduce stress, anxiety, fear or anger and improve focus, clarity and decision making. The SAS-Balance programmes are relaxing and calming, with daily listening sessions of 30 to 60 minutes in length.

  • Anxiety & Fear: Relaxing the body and mind and blocking repetitive negative thought loops.
  • Depression: Re-directing the inner-voice from negativity towards taking positive steps forwards.
  • Anger Management: Reducing impulsive reactions and strengthening cognitive abilities.
  • Indecision: Boosting innate creativity, visualisation and planning skills.

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SAS-Life | Grow older with clarity of mind.

Specific courses for the elderly to improve daily functioning, communication ability and overall quality of life. Each SAS-Life course is designed to attain specific, achievable outcomes and the course duration will therefore vary for each client. Programmes can be designed for use during sleep or coma if required.

  • Cocktail Party Syndrome: Strengthening auditory processing to improve communication in noisy environments.
  • Cognitive Abilities: Sharpening inter-hemispheric synchronisation and sensory coherence.
  • Hearing Improvement: Boosting auditory acuity, filtering and cognition to improve language perception.
  • Stroke Recovery: Recovering speech and movement after a stroke or other brain dysfunction.
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